Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starting Bible study

        Have you ever had an important turning point in your life? The first Monday of March in 1991 was a historical day in my life. I couldn’t imagine the influence that that day would have on my life then.  Before Bible study, I was so pessimistic about my life and the world because I had a lot of difficult times due to my family’s poor economic situation since my childhood.  I used to feel that: life was too difficult to live, the world was very cold to me, and I was an insignificant . Therefore, I looked sad, gloomy  and I had an inferiority complex.  In addition, my goal in life was just to be a teacher and make money  to support my parents. However,  one of my seniors in my college  invited me to her Bible study club, and I accepted her invitation without any hesitation because I was interested in the Bible. Thanks to Bible study, I have got many valuable things and my life has gradually changed so far. While I was  studying  the Bible very carefully, I came to recognize God’s existence,  His love for me and His power and wisdom to help me.  As a result now, I am always happy even in bad times because of my strong belief  about  life, the world and God, based on the Bible.  Also, I  found a new goal in life, which is to enjoy life and to make others happy. Furthermore,  I came to understand others’ circumstances and make better relationships with them. I think the happiness I feel today in my marriage life is due to Bible study.  

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