Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who is a good teacher?

Class  3,    Okay

    Who Is A Good Teacher?

      Who is a good teacher? It is very difficult for me to write down the sentences with this title. Therefore I spent a lot of time on thinking and reflecting about myself. I am a teacher and a parent at the same time. I have raised  my children and more and more I have felt myself mature as a parent and a teacher and more and more I have had positive thoughts towards my children and my students. So my thoughts and my ideals have changed towards better ways and more positive ones. In my opinion, a good teacher should have at least three qualities, firstly:  to have firm knowledge about his/her major subject and to have the passion of teaching, secondly: to comprehend his/her students, thirdly:  to have good teaching skills.     
     Firstly, he/she should have firm and complete knowledge about his/her major subject and have the passion of teaching. It means that he/she has to try to have complete and absolute knowledge to teach his/her students very hard and to try to teach eagerly. When he/she tries to do his/her best, all the students come to know their teacher’s minds. Therefore all the teachers have to study even  harder than before. In the past a teacher’s degree was one of the best degrees. However, other degrees may be more valuable  nowadays. Therefore he/she must study harder than before.
     Secondly, he/she should comprehend his/her students. He/She must consider their feelings and conditions. When his/her students even make a few mistakes, at first he/she can scold them quietly and he/she can lead them towards better ways. Later, his/her students will appreciate their teacher. In my opinion, scolding  his/her students once is enough. In the past, I often watched a teacher scold his/her students excessively at the teachers’ office.  They had ill feeling towards him/her as a result.  Thirdly, he/she should have good teaching skills. It means that he/she has to try to have the abilities of teaching them harder. He/She can acquire these abilities through many teachers’ training courses. He/She can develop them through visiting other teachers’ lessons.  A good teacher always should study his/her major subject very hard and make teaching materials which the level and position of his/her students fits his/her students. He/She translates his/her textbooks and should make handouts for his/her students.
      In conclusion,  a good teacher has to try to have these qualities.  A young teacher who is about 30 years old said, “Teachers are always like students. Therefore he/she must study hard and he/she has to teach them eagerly.”  I totally agree with this opinion. As a teacher, he/she must live with this mind. Therefore, he/she should teach his/her students hard and sincerely.   
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