Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Amazing It Was

Have you ever imagined that you can die because of a difficult delivery? I nearly died when I gave birth to my first child, but she changed my life entirely. Before I had my daughter, I was a little selfish, and I had little consideration for my family and others. I had grown up to be the youngest in my family, so I was accustomed to being loved. As a result, I had a sort of self-centered mind. I gave birth to my first child when I was 25 years old. It was a difficult and serious delivery. I had never had such a painful experience before. I complained to my husband and family during labor. When I woke from the anesthetic and met my daughter for the first time, the pain left me. Slowly I began to think of my mother and others around me and what I had taken from them. Consequently, I thanked my mother and family from the bottom of my heart after realizing my ingratitude. Since recovering my health, I have tried to repay my mother and family for their love. I have known that the pleasure of giving love. My daughter came to me with difficulty, but she taught me how to live more happily.

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