Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who is a good teacher?

Who is a good teacher?
class 3, Mr. Kang

Who is a good teacher? What is a basis of a good teacher as a teacher, not just an adult? What makes difference of a good teacher, regarding the qualities of a good teacher as teacher? There are three qualities I define as a good teacher.
First, I am sure that one important quality of a good teacher is easily teaching skills. The teacher who has good teaching skills can help to give a good solution to his students who are in trouble. Teaching skills of a good teacher themselves can give students something, where to go and how to go. For instance, when my school day, whenever I had a problem with my English study and test, a respectful English teacher(Mr. Lee) gave me true advice and explained easily how to study English. During his classes, I could understand his all explanation by his lecture skills. His lecture was important but easy.
Next, consideration of students is an essential requirement to be a good teacher. A good teacher always must have a consideration of students’ mind. I think a good teacher needs to have two eyes. One eye can see appearance itself and the other eye can see student's inner world. That is to say, a good teacher can read some student's difficulties and understand their feelings. So such a consideration of students can be a motivation for students to open their mind.
Lastly, a good teacher must be honest to students. I believe firmly that honesty to students is the most important requisite to be a good teacher. Most parents want their children to be honest and honest teachers can make honest students. Of course, it is not always easy to be honest but a good teacher must make a constant effort to be honest to students on all occasions. I am sure honesty can change students’ mind. I always remember a very honest teacher(Mr. Gong). I respected his honest mind. And his honesty motivated me to become a teacher.
Getting along with teachers well is as important as getting along withe parents during their school day. You’ve just read an essay on 3 qualities of a good teacher, and you obviously have some knowledge of the subject along with your experience. Anyway, I believe that a good teacher may be another good student and a good student can be another good teacher, too!

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