Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TLS - Listening Overview

Look at the two Google Docs below.  Add any Listening and Speaking activities and resources.

TLS Activities List

TLS Resources List

Materials this is based on:

List of Listening & Speaking Activities

Dictogloss & Dictation

Our in-class dictagloss Activity

Types of Dictation
 From Teaching ESL/EFL Listening & Speaking
  • Running dictation  - dictation text outside of room, reader has to go back and
    reading it to their partner
  • One chance dictation - text read only once
  • Dictation of long phrases -  long phrases or sentences instead of paragraphs
  • Guided dictation - some of the words put on board beforehand
  • Dictation for a mixed class - read quickly, then read slowly
  • Peer dictation - dictation in pairs or small groups
  • Completion dictation - progressive cloze activity
  • Perfect dictation - keep doing it until perfect
  • Sentence dictation - one sentence at a time
  • Unexploded dictation - slow down the speed of audio source
  • Pair dictation - cloze activity in pairs

Sources of images for image related dictations

ELT Music Resources & Sites

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