Sunday, October 9, 2011

Writing - Paragraphs Part 1 (Lebow)

Types of Paragraphs & Examples
Narrative Paragraphs

Paragraph components
  • Normally chronological (though sometimes uses flashbacks)
  • A sequential presentation of the events that add up to a story.
  • A narrative differs from a mere listing of events. Narration usually contains characters, a setting, a conflict, and a resolution. Time and place and person are normally established. In this paragraph, the "story" components are: a protagonist, a setting, a goal, an obstacle , a climax , and a resolution.
  • Specific details always help a story, but so does interpretive language. You don't just lay the words on the page; you point them in the direction of a story.
  • Words used should be as descriptive as possible. For example, note the difference between:
    - He went to the store.
    - He walked to the store. 
    - He staggered to the store. 

Task: Think of a story you can narrate from your own experience. It can be from one of the topics below or another topic. Take a few minutes to outline your narrative.

Narrative paragraph topics
  • most memorable, powerful, scary, difficult, fun experience of your life
  • your first day at a new job
  • a disastrous date
  • a moment of failure or success
  • an encounter that changed your life
  • an embarrassing experience
  • a memorable journey
  • a significant misunderstanding
  • an account of a difficult decision that you had to make
  • an event that marked a turning point in your life
  • a day when everything went right (or wrong)
  • an experience that taught you a lesson

We will first tell each other stories in partners One partner tell their story without interruption. The partner then asks questions of clarification. Afterward, write your story as descriptively as possible.
Create a google doc with the title “Class#-Your Name- Narrative Paragraph
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Some reference sites for finding descriptive words: 
When you finish it, you can meet with Jeff one-on-one to revise it. After it is revised, you can publish it to your blog (use the label 'writing').

While you are waiting to meet with Jeff and after you've finished, you can work on other tasks (e.g. sampling from the CALL Buffet, tweaking your blog, extensive reading).

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