Monday, September 5, 2011

Writing - Day 2 (Lebow)

Writing - Day 2 (Lebow)

* For all tasks today, please use the Chrome Browser, NOT Internet Explorer

Preliminary Task: Log in to your gmail account. Send an email to
Subject: Hello from (name)  Class#
Hello.  This is (Korean Name, English nickname) in Class#.
My email address is:

Primary Task: Use the Mindmaps we created yesterday to write at least 10 sentences about yourself in a Google Document.  Communicate as much as you comfortably can in each sentence.  Share this document with Jeff.


You are going to write these sentences in a Google Document. To do so, log in to your Gmail Account and click 'Documents'

When a new document appears, click 'untitled document and change the title to 'Class # - Your Name - Writing Task#1'

Share the Document with Jeff. To do so, click 'share',  under 'add people' enter the email address '', click 'Share & save'.

Now write at least 10 sentences to communicate information about you.  You do not need to write in paragraph form or number the sentences. Simply write each sentence on a separate line. Your document should be automatically saved every 10 seconds.  If you want to save a copy to your USB drive, click 'File/Download as'. Choose either the ODT or Word file format.


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